Saturday, February 19, 2011

Most Wanted

On Monday Kacy wanted to take pictures of the girls for Hadley's fourth birthday that was coming up. She had this cute idea of building a fort and calling it the FOUR-T. Well the weather and the two little girls did not want to co-operate. The wind decided to kick up it heels which made for runny noses, eyes and playing havoc with the fort. Let alone the fact that Hadley has learned how to tease and maybe torment Wesley just a little?

Hadley soon became bored with the whole process so I told her if she want I would let her take her own pictures so I gave her the remote to my camera and let her have at it, once she caught on to how it worked she took her own pictures and really they turned out to be the best.

And next week we celebrate my Mom's Birthday!


Donna said...

What cutie pies! Gorgeous pictures!

Yvonne said...

A photographer is born! How cute that looks! And that mascara face!
I see your mother's party is held in the police station? Maybe you will find your little mascara rascal there!

Vickers said...

Hadley Jo has a new pair of boots and she has the right amount of panache to carry the look off. Happy Birthday to Hads and to her great-grandma.

shana said...

Those girls are seriously adorable!