Sunday, October 31, 2010

mY LiTTle sPoOkS

Newly sprouted Petunia

Mermaids should not mess with elephants!

Fresh out of water!

Naughty and.......


the protector

our handsome HOT DOG

juicy Cheeseburger

Our very own grumpy senior citizen



Earlier we went to watch Alex's team in the play off tournament to see which team would be going to the Mini Super Bowl game, when you get to this point you are playing against some pretty evenly matched teams it was one of the most exciting games of the year, not only were they tied at the end they went into over time four times! Who would have thought these little players could play that hard to win and they did, unfortunately Alex's team lost. It was heartbreaking to see these little guys faces as they came off the field. As we were leaving we went to tell Alex what a great game it had been, when a coach from another team told Alex "What a great game he had played and that he should hold his head high because he had nothing to be ashamed about." I think that about sums it all up.
Your team played great.



Yvonne said...

What a lovely Halloween costumes! The grumpy old ladie is awsome! She looks great! Nice picture of Alex' football team with those names on the back of the shirts.

Kristina P. said...

The old lady is awesome! They all look great.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

wow we have a wonderful family. those kindergarteners make the funniest faces! love that old geiser too!

Sioux said... that Grumpy Senior Peyton or Whitey? Hard to tell! J/K

Glad to see you got your computer up again, so we can all share the Halloween photos. All of them are so original and cute!

Vickers said...

Love the FORBUSH name in the middle of the huddle....shades of things to come. When did Wesley grow up? And the cheesburger and hot dog must have been made during a hunger strike. So much fun at your house ALL THE TIME!

Veronica Lee said...

They all look awesome but I like the old lady best!!

Happy Halloween, Whitey!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Your babies all look so sweet....Thanks you for your kindness. I have mossed you.. love Nita

Creative Ambitions said...

What adorable costumes! Everybody looked great! Great pics!

shana said...

Those are great costumes. I couldn't even pick a favorite if I tried!!!