Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

I am getting behind in my adventures on the trail so it is catch up time.
If you live along the Wasatch front you are familiar with what appears to be giant golf balls on top of our mountains halfway between Salt Lake City and Ogden. Most of the rides I have been on were south of here this time went went right behind and north of the radar towers it is a beautiful ride. As a child I remember when my Dad took us up there how fun it was trying to pick out the landmarks from what felt like the top of the world to me. Wish I had some old pictures to compare it with today to see how much our little town has changed. Once again you can see Morgan from this point and I zoomed in on my Mom's house and my house so if you are familiar with the area you should be able to find them.

The second ride is up Middle Fork Canyon. It sits up east of Pineview Damn. Dennis wanted to take me up to an old pick up truck that he had come across he thought the colors would be pretty up there but they had faded quite a bit. But the promise of seeing the old truck kept me excited so I could at least get some pictures of it. Well when we finally got close to it Dennis was in the lead and when his horse seen the old pickup he got spooked which in turn got my horse spooked, it is not like they have not seen trucks before but for some reason seeing one turned on it's side was new to them. I spun my horse around so he could not see it, with my camera in hand I was just about ready to get off him when he decided to make a run for if you don't think that was fun trying to hold onto your camera and dismount at the same time, it made for a few tense moments. Not only that but I had a squirrel come after me, that is the first time it has happened, I was going under some trees when he came charging up the trunk of the tree and over the top of my head I thought for sure he was going to drop down ontop of my head I had visions of trying to wrestle him off, it would not have been pretty.


Kristina P. said...

These are beautiful, Whitey!

Vckers said...

You are definitely a cowboy, born andbred in the foothills of the Rockies. Pretty exotic, if you ask me.

Yvonne said...

That sounds like a scary adventure you had on your horse! Glad you didn't got yourself hurt. I really enjoyed the pictures with the colours of fall!