Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love At Home

We have double birthdays in the month of March yesterday was my mother-in-laws (I'am wee bit late) and today is my son Jared's so I need to wish them both the best ! This is the beautiful home that the Forbush family grew up and out of , Mom and Dad still live in this home in the town of Farmington. I know this is not really a birthday blog but you can not think of Mom and Dad with out knowing the love they have had for this home.

Here they are with all the grandchildren who have may memories of this home. With its wonderful garden out back, many parties , weddings and family reunions have taken place.

Here they are with the great-grandchildren at the time of their 50th Wedding Anniversary many more have been added since then. They both are truly happy when they have their grandchildren gathered around them.

This is the first house that I did my own cross-stitched graph for many times I drew this pattern up trying to get it right, not having any idea how to get the angles of the house done, it was a challenge. I made Dennis's sisters be a part of the stitching process so there were some stitches that may not be crossed the same but that does not matter we all took part of it.
Love At Home is a hymn that if you are LDS will know very well. And if you were growing up in this house you knew it even better for if there was fighting among the siblings, Mom would make them sit in a chair with the one you were fighting with and sing this *time out* song while hugging the person you were angry with.
Happy Birthday Mom! Many Blessings for you and your family and your home with many happy memories.

Now the second birthday

Take time to smell the roses or eat which ever you prefer.

Don't forget to dance!

and remember you have family who love you near and far.


Kristina P. said...

Your family is beautiful! I used to crosstich all the time. Maybe I should take it up again.

Kare Bear said...

Happy Birthday grandma and Jared!

Vickers said...

Happy Birthday to both of your loved ones and best wishes to each. I really enjoyed the last picture with your dad, son, and grandson, the autumn-covered mountains in the background, the setting sun, and the truck. Totally Utah...totally precious.