Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The show off

Went up to take pictures of Kyle's horses last night at sunset of course they have been waiting to be fed by that time of day so they could have been a little cranky nothing worse is to try and take pictures of a 3 year and 4 year old. First time taking pictures of running horses. It was a little unnerving especially when they try to run right up to your face, there were times when I could hear the thunder of their hooves and I felt like I needed to to put the camera down and run myself. The gray horse is the 3 year old and that brown one showing off in the background is the 4 year old he was just to funny. They have a big rubber ball that they play after all they are just kids. I need to get back there when their straggly winter coats have been shed and things are greener.


Kare Bear said...

Everytime I see em I just wanna cut there hair or bath them. They always look so dirty to me. Cute pics though! I took some the other day of them playin around the other day I'll have to send you. They are quite funny!!

Vickers said...

Beautiful, big, strong, healthy horses showing off their gladness at seeing you. You described them perfectly when you called them "kids".

Briggs: Party of Six said...

Taking pictures of horses is definitely one of the greater photo challenges I have had. You however, have captured them wonderfully. You can really see their playful personality in them!