Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Still trying to get caught up on birthdays, this is Jared my second son he was born March 3, 1976. At the age of two I knew he was going to be hard to keep up with. He was born with no fear that included strangers, mad dogs, or anything else that moved fast. He could tolerate almost anything except socks that did not fit just right or tags on his shirts, trying to get him out the door sometimes was crazy if his socks did not fit just right he would keep taking them off and on till they did or go with out. I had a real fear of him being picked up by a stranger because he was so friendly he would go up to anybody and talk to them . At times he has a sixth sense about him if something is lost he can find it . He can pick out fossils in a pile of rocks he can find arrowheads in the dirt or Easter candy that I thought I had hidden well.
One deer hunting season Dennis's Uncle had lost a knife that his grandfather had made out of an old spring tooth plow it was a real family treasure, he had loaned it out to a friend and they had lost it up in the mountains. The next day Jared, Dennis and JD were up in the same mountains when Jared came across this knife he was so excited over the treasure he had found and what 8 year old boy would not be, not knowing that it belonged to his great uncle. When the three of them returned to camp Jared was showing off what he had found, Vernon was in shock that it had been found after he himself had gone back to find it. Jared knew that he would have to give it back after Vernon had told him how much meaning this knife had to him. Vernon's wife Ann was with them that day and being the kind hearted woman that she is she asked Vernon if he would will it to Jared, that is all it took for Jared he knew one day that knife would be his . From that point on it was called the Will -It knife. The next day back up on the mountain Jared asked if he could see the knife one more time, he figured out it was going to be along time before Vernon left this earthy life and the knife behind, but Vernon got such a kick out of Jared that he let him have it that very day.
One of the other things Jared has a knack for is letting secrets out of the bag never intentionally just not thinking far enough ahead. One Christmas Dennis had taken the kids out to buy a gift for me. I am sure all the way home Dennis told the kids to keep it a secret. At the dinner table that very night Jared announced to everyone that " You would have be so proud of Dad today that not once when he as standing in the long line of crowded shoppers did he get out of patience while buying you a new TV!" You should have seen the look that he got from his Dad and all the other kids. It just cracked me up even then Jared did not realize what he had done.
He is a comedian, he will be the one making me giggle on my death bed when I am on my way out. Love you Jared.

Five Generations
Dennis , Lee, Naomi, Jared and Connor


Nettie said...

Happy Birthday Jared! You have always made me smile too!

Vickers said...

What is it about socks and little kids? Have never figured that one out.

Looking forward to some day seeing a picture of your handsome sons in their famous kilts.

Vickers said...

Wow! Thanks for the personal copy of your kilt-wearing men. Fabulous! Makes me wish I were a lassie.

Sioux said...

Hope you had a great birthday and that your dreams for 2009 come to fruition. It's hard bein' a grownup - but you're getting there....slow, but sure!

Happy Birthday, Jared!

Kare Bear said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!