Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Time

My slide show I had hoped to have ready at the beginning of summer is now getting done at the end of summer were did it go? I killed a few plants grew some strong weeds, I do have some pumpkins growing. This just has not been a good season for me I don't know if it was all the rain we got hit with or what but my green thumb has turned black with envy has I drive by some beautiful gardens and mine has struggled. This was my garden at the start of 2009.


Vickers said...

The pictures of your garden make it look great....certainly puts mine to shame. And your house. Next time I am in Utah I am taking a tour of your home to see all your treasures.

Karyn said...

Whitey....WOW! I am so impressed, that is one amazing garden! I love the slideshow, your house is a dream, every woman's dream, and is that your daughter in the garden pics? she looks like your childhood pic....mirror image, she is gorgeous :)

Thanks for sharing the slideshow with your friends :)


Sioux said...

LQQK at the size of them sunflowers! Is the watermelon by the thumb gonna be ready to eat anytime soon? I love all the views of the garden and your house. You do such amazing feats of magic with the simplest of things. Love it!

shana said...

Those sunflowers really are amazing!! Enjoy eating all of your yummy garden stuff!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

I'm remembering sitting at Sills Cafe one morning saying "we will all help with pumpkins."

Are we still allowed to come visit? Sorry, we are all such slackers. I will make the best gluten-free dessert ever! Oh wait, I should not be making promises...Lets wait and see.

Love the picts of my lil big one. She is too cute.