Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden 2009

This is the start of the growing season the volunteer sunflowers are already green along the fence line .

This fence was rescued from going to the dump, my good friend Kathy made this cute fence for her garden when she decided she needed a new one I said I would take it, so over to the property it came and what a wonderful addition it has made! With a little re-bar arch in between that my son Jared made for me. I and Haddie planted morning glory along the fence and arch to add some early morning color.

I got the log family out of hibernation to come join the garden.

The second couple was made for Kacy's wedding. The groom comes with a flattop made from horse shoe nails and a copper bow tie, the bride has a bird nest/chicken wire wedding veil. In the background is Dad's sign that I planted a clematis under, hoping it will grow.

Mom loves to keep the birds fed these are some coffee mugs on a pole that I had made originally for Kyle and Kari's wedding, they lined the wedding path with tulle strung between them and floating candles and now they hold bird seed.

This little spot was filled up with river rock that I moved one bucket by bucket by bucket at a time I suppose it was easier on my back that way. I moved them over to the STUMP .

This is what we call the stump it is what remains of one of the old trees that was on the property it was the one that we sister played in. Dad thought it should stay so he had Dennis plant it trunk down leaving the root system exposed. We have tried to get things to grow on it but they die quickly so I took some of the river rock and built up little damns of dirt with a weed block material underneath to see if that might help out, still need to get some more plants picked out to go in those spots. Mom has picked out new plants for the spot underneath the bay window that still need to go in then it will be time to plant the pumpkins! One of my favorite garden books is a Country Living book called SEASONS AT SEVEN GATES FARM I never get tired of looking at it it is also were I first seen the log people.


Sioux said...

Everything is looking so GREAT! The fence is darling, and the stump is coming along. I couldn't envision what you were saying about the rocks, but it's all coming together. Have you decided what you're gonna plant in there?

Vickers said...

I know that I sound a little retarded but....Don't you EVER do anything normal?!!! Everything is such a big production with you. Guess that is why you are so fun and so uniquely wonderful! I planted a couple of geraniums in my yard this weekend....whoopee!

Janda said...

You are phenomenal. I need your assitance in my yard. :) Let me know when you can pencil me in.

Gayle said...

Kathy's fence looks really good in the yard! Wish I had a place to do something similar.

Kare Bear said...

I love being in grandma's yard and seeing the garden. You do something cute every year. I expecially love the bird seed tea cups :)