Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old screen door

Got this old door from a garage sell up in Morgan one day fell in love with it brought it home. The summer door has bumble bees and a little chair with summer greenery.

For fall Kacy drew a scarecrow up for me and I enlarged it and appliqued it onto a background. I love his quirky smile and his boots that were made out of an old army blanket.

The Christmas Angel is applique also, the detail on her wings I fused on and the stars above her head represent my grandchildren that I had at this time.

I used the door for Kacy's wedding using her colors and we hung her wedding photos on it. And at this time it is sitting down in my sewing room. I took off all the old screen material and replaced it with chicken wire it now holds some of my sewing gadgets. Lots of ways to use old door when ever I look at this old door I think of the sound it would make when the old springs would be stretched then slammed shut.


Cindy B said...

What a cute idea .. I love it and the screen is so charming..what a find! I will have my eyes wide open at the garage sales for sure now...You are so clever!!!

Vickers said...

All right Whitey, that settles it. When I get to Utah I am coming straight to your house to check everything out. You must line in a house surrounded with fantastical, phasmigoric, splendiferous beauty. And you made it all. Good Heavens Woman!!!!!

Sioux said...

You know I love everything you do...I live vicariously through your creative talents.

Beverly said...

Wow, what a terrific cute is that!!