Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

I am the wind
I am the rain
I am the sunlight
through your window pane

I am the leaf
turning brown in the fall
I am the faintest whisper
on the breeze when you call
I am the snowflake
that kisses your cheek

I am the child in the park
playing hide 'n' go seek
I'm the scent of the flowers
that fills the spring air

I'm all around you
I'm every where
I'll always be with you
from this moment on
In your every dance
your every song

You see when we move on
we never truly die
We become one with nature
we unify

Take care my precious one
on my passing don't dwell
Remember the love
we shared together
See you again someday,
All is well

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.
Ruth E. Renkel


Sioux said...

GREAT tribute for Father's Day. I know your thoughts are with your Dad, and so does he.

shana said...

What a great post!

tiffany said...

What a beautiful tribute to a man that was and still is obviously so loved...

Vickers said...

And nothing made your dad prouder than you four girls. He loved you dearly as much or even more than you could be aware of. You are all blessed.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Love it. Reminds me, remember..."Don't cry at my graveside because I won't be there. I'll be in the wind that ruffles your hair, I'll be in the shadows, I'll be in the snow, I'll be in the places where we used to go" Thats all I remember of it but I found it in your jewerly box as a teen.
Loving my memories and missing this old man like crazy. Don't worry Gramps, still not neckin!

FRYBABY said...

You DO have a rich inheritance! A beautiful family, home in a free country and TWO fathers in Heaven that love you dearly!

Cindy B said...

Whitey, I feel the same for my blessed that he was my father...our dads left quite a legacy! I may have to borrow this saying one true!