Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Change Of Address

A Change of Address

Just in case
you've wondered
why my emails
have been few.

I've been busy
for the big move.

Not taking a lot
with me
wont need much
you'll see.

in my
is all
I'll ever need.

So if you get
a hankering
and want
to talk with me,
is the place that
I will be.

Sue has posted a great tribute to Joye hop on over to read about this great lady.


Sioux said...

For something that 'just sort of hit you today in the middle of sawdust' this is beautiful. I envy the family circle that she is with, and all the chatting that is going on. Thanks Clydene for putting to words her wit and love for all of us.

Vickers said...

I never knew a Heiner that wasn't a total social genius. That family was really 't-t-t-tight' and Aunt Joye is just bringing up the rear now. They will all love getting the latest news from her.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on the page, but I guess I am ‘blog challenged’… you guys are awesome! So witty and so thoughtful. I wish I had a tenth of your talent for writing! It must be in part of the gene pool I missed – you got my share.

Thanks Clydene for the Change of Address poem. It was just beautiful, just right. Thank you Sue for your beautiful & funny tribute to mom. As I tried to say in my comment, I am sure she is reading them as she scans her emails in the sky. I can hear her fingers flying over the keys once again, with no pain or restrictions.

I so appreciate the time you took to be in mom’s life, the emails, the visits to her, all the well wishes and prayers. You all certainly made those last few birthday dinners at Larry’s a lot more fun!

Thanks again. Love you guys,