Saturday, November 1, 2008

THIS OLD TRUNK the best Mothers Day ever

This Old Trunk

Don’t be fooled by this old trunk, I’m sure you could not guess,
It lived a very different life quite some time ago and yet....
It used to be a big brown piano, many years ago,
Played by a beautiful mother who loved her children so.

As fate would have it, her parting came all too soon,
Giving up a mother’s dream, …never to play another tune.
She didn’t want to leave that day, but a special call came,
Leaving behind her children, things would never be the same.

Over the years the memory of her music would ring through and through,
In the home of her second daughter whose talents matched her mother’s too.
As three generations ran their fingers over the black and white keys,
Playing the simple songs,....she surely would have been pleased.

Fate took its toll on the old brown piano, no more could it sing,
No more could it play the music that was fit for a king.
What could you do with an old piano whose life had come to an end?
The heart of this old piano would soon be on the mend.

Given to your youngest daughter to fix and appreciate it’s worth,
A grand-daughter who knew Grandma, before she came to earth.
A gentleman with many talents and skills would help renew,
And now it is a memory box filled with none too few,.....

The photographs of loved ones and mementos placed inside,
To remind us of “Her” music that fate could not and would not hide.
The talents of this special Angel, the one you called Mother,
Will always and forever be in the hearts of all those who knew her.

Written for Mom, Nadine on - Mother’s Day 5/2004

My Grandmother was Hattie Ina Heiner Fry, she died at the early age leaving behind three sons and three daughters the youngest being two years of age. She had many talents singing, sewing and playing the piano was just a few. I was born several years after her death, I really missed out on getting to know an amazing woman. This is the story of her piano.

This piano had been left to my Aunt DiAnne , she is my Mom's sister. Not only did DiAnne play , her children and grandchildren have played upon this old piano. Then as fate would have it, while on vacation my Aunts house sprung a leak of the worst kind doing much damage to her home and possessions . She was broken hearted to see what had happened especially to her Mother's piano. It was beyond repair when she told me the story I told her maybe she could recycle it??Well the next thing I new she had professional piano movers delivering to my house to my garage. She said it was mine to do what ever I wanted to do with it ,,,, what have I gotten my self into I thought. Then one day Dennis and I started to tear it apart, it moaned and groaned in the worst way almost crying out in pain ( that sounds a little dramatic?) did we really think we could make something of it. Dennis is a carpenter by trade with his skill we worked hard and turned it into a trunk and two lamps and we still have parts left over for future who knows what. I gave the trunk to my Mom so she could put all her photos in it, she also got one of the lamps the other I gave to my Aunt DiAnne. In side the lid of the trunk I placed my Grandmother's picture along with the poem that I and others helped with. I still remember the emotion and spirit that was in the room the day that we presented it to my Mom it was truly the best Mother's Day in my life.


KickButtMommy said...

Sioux told me about this when you first gave it to your mom and I was utterly amazed and still am at your talent, genious, creativity, and skill. What an amazing woman you are!

Deanie's space said...

Thank you for leaving your comment about my husband and your fathers passing. The poem was so touching. I love reading about your family. What a great job you do writing about your family. Deanie

FRYBABY said...

Man, Whitey, you never cease to amaze me!! You and Dennis are so talented, in so many ways!! I never got to meet Grandma either and I feel like I really missed out! I am glad that you were able to salvage parts of the piano and make such wonderful keepsakes out of it....

Nettie said...

WOW,...I thought Mom ventured out on her own and made a comment to this post but it didn't make sense to me until I saw that you had another person whose blog name was the same as Mom's. Then it made sense! I loved everything about that Mother's Day. When I read the poem I got through it pretty good until the last two lines. Then I started to loose it! Our grandmother was so-o-o-o-o beautiful! And yes, when we did the book for Sue's birthday a few years back, we did learn more about her. She was very talented in so many ways.

vickers said...

I remember Grandma playing on this piano and singing. She played by ear and had a wonderful voice. When I was young I would love to play on the spin-around piano stool and when I became older I got to play music on the piano itself. Wonderful memories about a gracious and loving woman whom I loved very much and followed around every where I could.

Linda said...

What a wonderful story!!

Sioux said...

What? No comment on the scratches indelibly etched into the legs of that piano by a certain person with a screwdriver?! Thank you....

You did a beautiful job salvaging what parts of the piano you could, and an even more beautiful job on the poem. Love you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Not just the trunk but the poem! Very, very touching.

Proper Prim said...

What a beautiful story of your Grandmother, I am sure she would be so proud and what a wonderful legacy for her... Fantastic job on the chest and I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the lamps you created from the post... amazing job.

Hugs.. Deb

Anonymous said...

This brought back memories to me, not only of hearing mom play beautiful music on this instrument, all by ear, but of the time that it was in my possession. The piano actually belonged to Grandma Fry and I was lucky enough to get it. When Sue and I walked into our house into the "mess" and saw the damage to the piano, I didn't think it could be salvaged at all. Thanks to the talents of the Forbush's here it is in all it's beauty. Thanks for the lamp.

alice said...

That is such a great story and a wonderful ending! Glad to find you. Smiles, alice

Teri said...

Love this story and so glad you were able to salvage that sweet old piano. So wish I could have met grandma!