Friday, November 7, 2008

A Room of Memories

At the time I started to redo this little bedroom I had no idea what it would come to mean after it was done. I had started this room before my Dad died , Dennis and I were down at the shop building the closet doors when my sister called and told me Dad had fallen. Dennis got me home so I could continue up to the hospital. That is when life was forever changed and time stood still for awhile. It seemed to take forever to get back to the room picking paint color was impossible to do then one day I decided I wanted to try a red leather faux , Kacy Jo came up to help and we bumbled our way through it. I think we finally got the technique down about the last 12 inches of wall, I think we did okay considering it was the first time we had ever done this.Once we got two walls done then I needed to decide what to do with the other walls can not remember how long it took to pick out the second color.
I know the one thing I wanted to work with was a quilt I had made while down in California when I stayed with Mom while Dad had his heart surgery, I thought a lot about my family has I pieced this together seeing what my parents were going through at this time and worrying about my family back in Utah. It was my first BIG quilt I had ever made and so far my only one.
Finally getting all the painting done then it was time to fill it up, so many things in this room have special meaning to me so I will bore you with the details of some.
The twig heart wreath I watched my Dad make with Mckaela sitting by his side one day out in the backyard. Little things that many friends have made me or given to me. *You are my sunshine* picture was given to me by my early morning exercise group, Sharla, Michelle , Ellen and Anell that was the song sung by all the great-grandchildren at my Dad's grave. My friends Kathy and Gayle have things in this room made by them.
The little picture of my Dad's mother when she was young and around her neck is a locket from the Chicago Worlds Fair that my sister is the proud owner of. Her little wood jewelry box with the yellow flower.
The beautiful collage my cousin Heidi made up is a treasure, my Grandmother, my Mom and Aunt Dianne and Susan pictured all together.
A round box decorated by my grand-kids with love notes inside to read and cherish.
An old dresser given to me from Crystal still have not painted it, liking the way it is I guess.
The window treatment was an ordeal plan *A* did not work plan *B* can not remember plan *C* ended up being what you call a stage coach blind you roll up from the bottom and tie it in place. You know that saying "Never a mistake just happy accidents" I guess that is what it turned out to be. There are two different pictures of my Dad's hands that are very special, I will go into that another day.
But the one thing I love the most is the headboard. This is my dads bedroom door. I drove past the old house my Dad grew up in now owned by someone else and seen it outside being used as a make shift rain-gutter, I immediately stopped and knocked on the door and asked the gal if I go get her something better for a rain gutter if I could have that door and told her why,, she looked at me like I was crazy but she said "YES' so I came in possession of the door, my sister Denice and I lived in this house when we were in high school so it was our bedroom door also, probably slammed it at each other a few times having our little fights, to stop and think of how many of my relatives touched this old door what a memory!
One of the memories my Cousin Kenny tells about me is peeking through the basement window of this bedroom when he and Helen were visiting on their honeymoon!! Guess that is one thing I do not remember which is probably a good thing.
I am sorry this is so long I usually try to keep things short.


Cindy B said...

all are very very special...nice blogging !

Sioux said...

What a beautiful blog entry - and the memories from the many collections of different things you have! Now I almost wish that I had kept things that obviously would hold memories for me - but are now lost forever. I'm loving the development of your writings.

Stephanie said...


The room looks great. I look forward to seeing it first-hand when I return home. I think it is a wonderful idea to design a room which it just full of special memories.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

If I remember right I slept through the second half of you faux painting the walls.

Funny, I did not know half the history of the things in this bedroom. Thanks for sharing your memories.

So about that office...

vickers said...

Okay, next time I am in Utah I am coming by for a full and complete tour of your home, your mom's home, your sisters' homes and anything else I can peek into.

Deanie said...

I so love reading about your family and your wonderful memories. Keep up the memories for us to enjoy. Blessings Deanie

Nettie said...

It is beautiful. I too didn't know some of the history stuff on the different objects. Love the colors in there. Great post!