Friday, November 28, 2008

Back in the day when I could still Cross Stitch

This is a poem that the sisters put together for our Grandma Spencer at the time of her death. We recalled little things about her and the way she would like to have things done.

I wish I would have appreciated her more when I was younger but I didn't. I hate to admit it but I could see no reason why I had to come and drag out all her dishes out the top cupboard and wash them, now I wish I had paid more attention to her stories about her little sugar bowl or creamer.

My sis Janette wanted to do something special with this poem I can not remember which one of us graphed the pattern but we both stitched it and we gave it to our Dad.

This is the house my Dad grew up in, the one I got the old door out of to make the headboard for my memory room. My dad's father was a farmer growing melons, cherries and peaches as I recall. I have very young memories being out on the front lawn helping to sell the produce.

So when I decided to draw up this pattern I had to incorporate certain things the melons were one, Grandma's old blue chair on the little front porch she would sit on and watch life go by and her red tulips.


Tiff said...

So sweet, I just love this! I used to cross stitch all the time, haven't done it in years for some reason, but this makes me want to start again :o)

vickers said...

Whitey, you are a wonderful example of the importance of family stories and memories and of how to make those memories live on for everyone. You are an artistic genius and an endearing sentimentalist. Hopefully your daughter will someday be putting together great memories of our favorite Whitey (and NOT post mortem!)

Nettie said...

Every day I drive pass Grandma and Grandpa's old house, I think about how big that yard seemed to be. Especially when I was the one out there mowing the lawn and thinking to myself I would never get it finished. And now? It just seems so small. Have always loved the cross stitched picture of the house. I believe I graphed the poem up because I would start stiching and made one 'e' look different than the other's so I would have to go back and erase the graph and make sure the 'e' was like the rest. There were other letters I had to fix. But, you certainly help with the stitching. Remember when we were trying to decide what design of flower we wanted up at the top? I think it turned out wonderful and I know our Dad was thrilled with it.