Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She Is Back

Not me personally but.. something from  my past has become a part of my life again.

we had pieces of her left over and hoped one day
we could recycle them into something  special once again.
 Dennis helps turn  my ideas into reality.
As we have been going  through all the things we have made over the years
  I try and see how they will fit into our new house.
 Keeping the things I love
 most and using them in a new way.
 I knew  that I wanted to incorporate my Grandmothers piano into my new beginning.
Taking a break from the remodeling of the  house
 we often would do a fun project to keep our sanity. So begins the process.
Taking the top  piece the side panels and keyboard cover she starts the transformation.

cut down the side panel
figure out the best layout,  which originally we were going to use the curved piece the opposite way because it look more like a fancy  crown mold then decided we wanted to keep the character of the  piano they way it had been made many years ago.

next comes tricky part building filler  to back the curved wood so we can nail it together

 Glue, nails an  sanded down and a fresh coat of stain brought her back
 to the  beautiful color she used to be.
Her new  purpose is the Piano Shelf.
Yes and this is my grandmother Hattie, she made the music happen many years ago!
Even though I have moved in... technically we are still remodeling and living in construction zone.
 I hope to get finished product up soon.


GrandmaNutt said...

Grandma was a beautiful LADY, inside and out. I am so thrilled that you kept parts of her piano. Whatever happened to the stool?

Yvonne said...

That is so beautifully done Clydene! What a great memorie shelf Dennis made out of the piano parts?

Teri said...

Awesome! So glad you were able to re-purpose the piano!

Donna said...

Love the transformation!