Wednesday, July 24, 2013

North On Angel Street

It was a day of discovery, it was the  first time some of the grandchildren came to check out the new property. 
 Khloe and Wesley were tickled at finding some eggs.

Paige, Hadley and Khloe love the little pool of water
and a place to dip your toes.

The previous owner used to have three wolves.
 He made them this den that has a total of four entrances.  
This two are the keepers of the den.

Three of my older grandchildren Connor ,Kyleigh and Evan spent the day ripping up linoleum which was exhausting work and  taking out all the  nails from the walls.
We have started demo and now the fun begins, have  no idea our time frame as when it will be complete.

When meeting our new neighbor early Saturday morning she was  able  to show us where  this Killdeer bird had deposited its eggs at the top of the road that leads in to the property.  It was very interesting to  watch it try and distract us from approaching  the eggs.


Yvonne said...

What an unusual kind of bird that killdeer that makes his nest on the road. You must be so happy with your grandkids giving you a hand in the new house. It looks like a fun place there! Hope it will become your dream house soon!

GrandmaNutt said...

Gorgeous property. Reno work?....right up your alley! Your touch in design is always magical.

Veronica Lee said...

Such lovely pics of your adorable grandkiddos!!