Wednesday, July 3, 2013

North on Angel Street

Lots of things have been changing in our lives over the last three weeks.
 I don't know whether  to call it a new chapter or a new beginning or a dream come true
We have purchased an existing log home that comes with four acres
of land and a great deal more of responsibility.
I am still close to my mothers house and in the middle of  all the grandchildren.
 Some are within walking  distance.
I hope that this property will be the start of many happy memories to come.

The horses will have plenty of room to wander around and pasture grass in the summer. 
 There will some of these characters running around.
I have been told also there is  a little raccoon that likes
to hang out about sunset. I can not wait to meet him!

 There are Wildflowers, Hollyhocks and secret little gardens that surround the house. 
 Now I have a place for all the things I have been collecting
 they finally have a place that I can put them out  an enjoy them.
 And I may just have to learn how to drive a tractor!
Our summer is going to be crazy!
  We will have access to the home about the 20th of July. 
 I have been slowly going through at least 40 years of an abundance of stuff! 
I see now that I need to simplify. 
 I have for more fabric than I will ever use in my lifetime ( can not believe I just said that). 
I have  been letting friends and family come in and take what they want. 
Then we will plan to have a garage sell towards the end of July into August.
We are also torn about  what to do with our present  home to rent  it out or put it onto the market.
So if my blog is lacking it will be due to a busy schedule.  I will try and  keep updates as they come.


Yvonne said...

What an exiting time for you! Hope you are going to be so happy in your new home.

Donna said...

Congratulations! I bet you will make many memories at the new place. Best wishes for a smooth transition!

Gayle said...

Four acres? Wow! Very exciting for you guys - it's gonna be GREAT!

Veronica Lee said...

Congrats, Whitey!