Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Cowboy and His Little Lady

Taking pictures of people, human beings or somebody other than my own grandchildren isn't an easy task.
I am not comfortable with it at all. I wish I was, and that it was second nature for me to tell people how to sit, stand up straight and smile naturally .
It might come from my own fear of having my picture taken... I hate it.
I always have that *deer in the headlight look on my face*.
I was lucky enough to have a little girl who knew how to work it. I had more fun watching her. She was a natural and her dad was not half bad either!
Got to admit it was kinda fun.


クイ said...

She looks like a spunky little kid. :) I've never seen bigger blue eyes...except maybe on Hadley.
Great photos!

Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful photography, Whitey! Those blue eyes are enchanting!!

Yvonne said...

Both models and photographer did a great job! Those pictures are awsome!

Donna said...

She is so photogenic! You did a great job and it's a good series of them! Capture those sweet memories while you can! I don't normally take photos of folks. First of all, you have to get permission to post them on the internet. Second of all, I don't have any family around these parts!

shana said...

Those are awesome pictures. Great job. Love the "sweet dreams" picture the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Barn Charm!

Isn't she a cuuutie w/ that smile & those eyes! Love the barn shots & that header photo is AWESOME!

Thanks so much for joining this week's Barn Charm! =)