Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snap shots of Southern Utah Part Two

This one is from Monument Valley. Everything else below is in Arches.

If you click on the picture above you will see a red arrow that was our starting point I would guess we might be close to half way there. Our shadows look like we are giants.

This little window is right before you get to the arch we climbed up there so we could see the Delicate Arch from another angle. The next two pictures are from that window.

This is me sitting down while Dennis took this picture, because honestly I was not brave enough to go hang over the ledge to get this shot.

I love playing with reflections so from this picture up above this is what I came up with.
It is fascinating to see all the hidden faces.


Vickers said...

The sun on that red rock is electric. Powerful photos of a powerful place.

Yvonne said...

What a special pictures you have made out of them again. Arches is such an awsome and special place. I love it, we have been there twice but I know we will try to go back there again...
I have never seen Delicate Arch more pretty than in your pictures!

shana said...

WOW!!! Amazing pictures. I love all of them, but my favorite is the lizard. Awesome!!

Donna said...

I saw most of these on flickr and I adored them! What a beautiful days you had at these gorgeous sites!

Teri said...

Oh, how I miss Southern Utah........(sigh)