Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again-Part *2*

So much has happened since this last ride.
The * what if's* of the boys accident can about drive me crazy I try not to let my mind go there for all the emotion that it brings will consume me.
Kyle is still on the slow mend and Brent has an estimated date of being out next Wednesday.

But will still require rehab and facial reconstruction.
Both of them are very humbled that they are still here to watch their daughters grow.
And right now that is all that matters .

On this ride we took our granddaughter Jo .
It is really the first time she has been on a horse other then in a corral

so this was a big jump for her.
We really thought it would be an easy trail for her .

But it got into some steep switch back trails that

made me and her both nervous.
But she held on like a champ and proved she could do it!
Thanks for the memories Jo.
I like to play wit mirror images this is of a rock formation that had some pine trees growing out of it so duplicated them a few times and stuck them all together


Yvonne said...

Glad that the condition of your son and SIL are slowly improving.
Your ride was beautiful as always and I love the picture of Jo on the horse, it looks like an oil painting.

Vickers said...

You just keep taking those photos and playing with them and I will just keep adding them to my artwork file. You are an artistic genius and I love your work.