Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again- Lightning Ridge Part Two

Dennis and I went back up to Lightning Ridge - Monte Cristo Mountains. The bright and colorful wild flowers were disappearing and the long green grasses were fading into brown.

There was this rustic cabin the front door open with a cozy little bed inside for those that need a place to stay if you don't mind a few leaks in the roof.

Then there were the trees and I mean lots of trees with the name of a person carved in them from Peru , he must of wanted everyone to know that he had been there.

My favorite were the turkey buzzards they were all lined up in the top of the dead trees just waiting for something to come along.


Vickers said...

We have turkey buzzards here, too. Ugliest birds I have ever seen. I just had to save their pictures to my camera roll. The sky in Utah is incredible.

Donna said...

Lovely! You had some beautiful clouds in the first set of photos!