Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crime Spree

I have been hit by bandits. The first sign I noticed something was wrong was when my bird feeder was found down on the ground below the deck. I figured the wind had blown it off the rebar. But the second time was really strange, it was sitting up on top of the handrail with the contents missing. Dennis said it must be racoon's. So I stuck a potato on the end of the rebar as s stopper in case the wind had been possibly moving it. And sure enough once again the bird feeder was up on top of the handrail. And with the new snow fall ( yes it is still snowing) the band of thieves had left many tracks. So I set out to see if I could catch the little clever varmints. I set my baby monitor out on the the deck got my camera set up on a tripod set ready to go and after one sleepless night of jumping out of bed every time the monitor made a noise, I would tiptoe through the house as to not make a sound to go see if I get a picture of the band of thieves... they did not show.... my plan failed.

Hard to believe last Saturday I mowed my lawn took Hadley and Wesley to the park to feed the ducks and play and today we are back to snow shovels with the weather men predicting flooding and to get your sand bags ready. Both the girls have new tricks Hadley has learned to cross and re-cross her eyes and Wesley loves to stretch her mouth out with her fingers. She has also had her first trip to the doctors for stitches after having a wrestling match with a rocking chair at day care and the chair won.

And.......... I got my Christmas tree down!! I recruited my granddaughter Payton to come over and help me clean and with strict orders that if I made a move to go get onto my computer she was to smack me and tell me "NO".


Yvonne said...

Hard to believe the weather was so nice last week and you are back to snow this weekend! Do you know if the tracks in the snow belong to a racoon? It must be hard to find food when it is still snowing.
Lovely pictures of the girls! Hope Wesleys forehead will heal nicely.

shana said...

Love the cross-eyed picture!!!

Vickers said...

I can never get over how beautiful ALL of your granddaughters are. Keep the pictures coming.

We also have a passel of raccoons here and I am always intrigued at how ingenius and sneaky they are.

Mike and Kadie Briggs said...

You have 4 legged visitors too! Aren't they fun. We have been dealing with skunks as of lately, along with wolves and bears.

The girls are gorgeous as usual!