Friday, January 7, 2011

Dr. Larry Jung

This is Dr. Larry he was a neighbor to my husbands family for many years. He took care of my kids off and on for many years saving us the expensive clinic visits on many occasions. Him and his wife joy let me and many others into their home for free medical help. What a strong work ethic him and Joy both had. I think now how unselfish he and Joy was to let that happen. I owe a lot to him when Kacy was six months old I had noticed something different about her, my regular family doctor had checked her out and told me there was nothing wrong with her and just told me I was a nervous mother. But I continued to see there was something wrong . So Larry told me to bring her down to his house and let her sit with him and Joy one day, of course she was okay while at his house but no sooner had I walked out the door with her she turned blue and quit breathing. I got her back across the street so he could see her and he immediately called the hospital to have her admitted. She had been having seizures and they had been growing in severity. I hope you can take the time to read the newspaper atricle about him and the comments the people are leaving and how many lives he has saved. A special spot for him in heaven for sure and in the many hearts that are left behind.


Vickers said...

Dr. Larry is one of those angels who walk the earth and too many people are unaware. He certainly blessed your life. God bless him, and you through him.

Sandra said...

Lovely tribute!

Yvonne said...

What a story! I read the articles. It brought me goosebumbs and tears. The earth has lost a great man. May God bless him up there!