Monday, January 24, 2011

Apostrophe *S*

A funny thing about anonymous comments left on your blog. You have no idea who they are or where they come from. Could it be a kind neighbor next door? Or someone who knows nothing about me and feels the need to correct me.
The other day I got a comment that basically in a kind way corrected me. I think when I started this blog I told everyone that I was not a writer and struggled with it . Thank heavens for spell check or I would not be able to communicate at all!
Dennis and I happened to walk down the halls of the Jr. High that we attended last weekend when we came up to my old English class it was my least favorite class. I recall the teacher called me the class clown and she did not appreciate it when I interrupted the rest of the class. Old memories are so fun to re-live, wonder if it was my old English teacher coming back to haunt me for the trouble I had caused?
Most the time the anonymous comments come in a form of male enhancement drugs or a ladies escort businesses or in a language I do not care to translate. One of my most recent ones talked about purgatory and the end of civilization, now that one was scary!
So thank you who ever you are I stand corrected! I will never use the 's again. One thing I have learned about raising kids that have learning disabilities of one kind or another is that they are what they are and no matter what there are some things that can not be changed. I have one son that can not spell but he can do things that someone who knows how to spell and punctuate can not do, he can over see up two to three different multimillion dollar construction sites at a time. So now I have vented I am done.

This is Ruth she was an older sister to my Dad. I have a little wallet size picture of her that I put into Photo-shop and added some textures to it. She is standing in front of an old Mormon church in Bountiful. It still stands today. She died shortly after this was taken.


Donna said...

Cool transformations! I hate anonymous comments and finally done away with them. Only registered bloggers can comment now. With that and Bloggers new spam filter, I don't get anymore of the annoying spam.

Deanierae said...

Whitey, All people have spexial talents some a little different than others. A handicaped person has their own talent even just a smile from someone is a talent. I have a sister that thinks she is so much smarter than me but to me she has no Common Sence. She thinks Common sence means she has lots of money. She has College degrees but could not live off the land if she had too. We are completely different in every way. Whitey, you have so many talents. Your pictures make me smile everytime I visit your blog. What beautiful babies you have in your family. Your quilts take allot of talent to do. They are so amazing I just love them. Have a grat day! Blessings, Dena

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand any of that. You need more periods. Puctual periods not menstrual periods. and not punctual mestrual periods, just mensies.

well that being said i think lil khloe looks like a porcelien doll...those others are ok too


Mike and Kadie Briggs said...

So, I love to write, but don't do it as often as I like because I am so bad at the proper english, quotations, and such. I will be the last one to judge your writing etiquette and the first one to keep encouraging to keep writing.

Kare Bear said...

love it!!! Who cares about spelling? I don't and make way to many mistakes. Oh man does khloe look like a little doll or what!

Yvonne said...

You are so right! English is a foreign language for me. I am sure I make a lot of mistakes writing in English on all kinds of blogs. But I really don't care. I write from my heart, it had brought me friendship and who cares about a few mistakes in spelling! There are more important things in life! Can't understand people are leaving comments and are to cowardly to put their name with it! Please keep writing!

Vickers said...

Hello Whitey. Glad to see that you still get as ticked off as you used as a little girl. You have always had more spunk, spit, and shine than any cousin I have and I have always loved you for it. Kick the door down, scream, and then show off your great eye for beauty in all created things. Your blog is one of my most fav and I still want a coffee table photo book. Get busy.