Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again, Mueller Canyon

This is a ride we took over a week ago, it was a new trail for both of us. Dennis had been on the other side of these mountains and was hoping to meet up with a trail that he had already been on but as we rode I would question him are you sure this is the right one he kept telling me it was so I cowboyed up and followed. We we got to a point where a big tree had fallen so has he worked his way around I sat back and watched it was one of those moments when I wish I would have thought to take the camera out ready for some action. As him and his horse went across this little stream when all of a sudden him and his horse sunk up to the belly of the horse. The roan starts crow hopping trying to get out (of the I guess you could say quick sand) and Dennis trying to stay on. He finally got the horse calmed down and was able to dismount him and get them both out of the situation quite well. Had to giggle once it was over, just wish I would have captured it because now it is his word against mine. After they collected their wits a hiker came by and Dennis asked some questions about the trail we had indeed taken the wrong one so we back tracked and went on a different trail. Heard on the tv the other day a man will drive around for a half an hour lost before he will ask for directions women waste about 15 minutes.
It was still a great day to be up in the mountains the colors were faded like an old worn out tapestry but it was still beautiful.


Vickers said...

We used to live at the mouth of that canyon and the sunsets were unbelievably gorgeous...ALL...THE...TIME!

Yvonne said...

That was an adventure you were in! I love the colors of fall! It must have been so beautiful up there!

jd said...

when on a horse, that time is not wasted... it is simply defiened as exploration..