Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alaska Part Two

These last two slide shows will be divided up into our last day of fishing a tour of the little cemetery that was surrounded by the most gorgeous scenery. The colors and textures of this area are unbelievable.Another thing about this island there is not a lot of topsoil so when the wind blows trees tend to fall over for their root system is not that deep unless they have found a big rock to cling onto. Then Dennis and I take off for Ketchikan and wandered the streets , Ketchikan is a city of stairs it is built on a mountain side so the only way around is climbing in some areas. We took a little seaplane tour in the little yellow seaplane it was an amazing flight we landed twice on the water. Then it is back home lots of pictures from the air so they are not the best quality but still beautiful.

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Vickers said...

So majestic and breath-taking. Your photos are heavy with texture and depth. table book. I'll buy!