Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alaska Part One

Sorry but I think I will take the lazy way out I am going to put the pictures into slide show and divide them up into multiple slide shows I do not have the patience to talk about each one so I hope you enjoy the scenery of Alaska. We stayed in a town called Craig which sits on the Prince of Wales Island. The only way to the island is of course by air or by sea and it does have a ferry , I was told it is a three hour ride one way and forty dollars for the ticket, that would really make you think twice about going to the big city to go shopping. We stayed with Alaska's Best Lee and Kathy were our hosts, Frank and Becky helped processed our catch of the day. Dennis and I went with his father Art and niece Dorthy and nephew Steven for an adventure of a life time. A couple of good days of motion sickness (even wearing the patches) it was still great fun. Like I say we were in the small fishing boats for ten hour days. Dennis and I fished for 4 days then we split off and went into Ketchikan for a day of sight seeing and taking a seaplane tour of the Misty Fjords. The pilot landed us twice onto the water we got out once to take pictures of the scenery then another landing to check out a bear along the waters edge it was awesome . Please remember it was not that easy taking pictures from a boat that rocked and rolled and so some of the pictures may be a little fuzzy.


Kristina P. said...

Who knew Alaska was so beautiful!

Yvonne said...

What a beautiful pictures of Alaska! I love the ones of the eagle, that is an animal I would love to see once! Looks like you had a great time over there!

Vickers said...

Yet again I am jealous of everything you do. You captured so much of it on girl.