Monday, October 5, 2009

A Face without Freckles is like the Sky with no Stars

eyes of blue
some freckles to
a mischievous grin
that never ends
quizzical nature
questioning why
perpetual motion
causes commotion
contagious giggle
loves to be tickled

Happy Birthday Alexander Jayden!

Watch #52 in the back field AJ goes out for the pass but gets tackled.


Sioux said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Granma failed to mention how old you are, but I'm thinking 10! You're sure getting to be a handsome guy...hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of fun and surprises.

Briggs: Party of Six said...

Happy Birthday AJ... Wow, before you know it, they are grown!

Kare Bear said...

Wow time goes by way to fast!!! Happy birthday AJ!!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

I swear I left comments on all these old posts, but probably just thought about it with only one free hand, while feeding a baby.

Hadley is sitting here pointing to the football game, "hey I go there, wif my granma whitey!" go syracuse! And most importantly...Happy Birthday AJ!

Vickers said...

Every time I see a p[hoto of handsome Alex I remember his horrendous accident on the horse a while back. Glad to see him so busy, strong, and getting older. Happy Birthday Alex.

Anonymous said...

I am still sorry that I was sick the day of AJ's party. I do not get to see my oldest great-grandson nearly enough. We need to get you down here for a sleepover. You always cheer this old place up.