Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uncle Tom and Aunt Margie *Together Again*

This is an old post from June of 2008, we found out yesterday that my Uncle Tom has moved on. Once again I need to tell Leeanne and Garth how amazing caretakers they have been for all of their parents. It is funny to think with my memory they way it is, his is about the only phone number I have never forgot.
You will be missed.

Picture taken at Morgan city cemetery

Tom is one of my Mother's three brothers . He is closest to her in age, and I get the impression that if Tom was in trouble Mom was most likely with him. I have lots of memories with Tom, Margie and their daughter Leanne. They took me on many of their vacations which included my whining ,crying and my mean streak that they would put up with. Lots of sleep overs , laughing and playing Yahtzee. I remember Tom taking us on a car ride on some back road that included lots of crazy turns and stomach flipping dips, and at the end of the "Ride" he wanted Leanne and I to pay him for all the fun we had .
My sister and I were going around to family members getting memories for a scrapbook we were making about our Grandmother Ina Fry. We were at Toms getting his contribution to the book and there were times he was laughing so hard that his tears (and ours) were uncontrollable, I had to get a mop just to clean them up, the stories he could tell!
Mom and Tom were given the title "The Fighting Fry's " after an incident at the old Terrace ballroom in Salt Lake City in May of 1974! That day will go down in history as of one of Aunt DiAna's most memorable nights at work.
At this time Tom and Margie are facing health issues please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and also for Leanne and her husband Garth for taking such good care of them both.
Thanks for the memories,,,Whitey


"Jo" in many sizes said...

So why not indulge in the incident at the old terrace ballroom?

We are thinking of them...Jo

(Ok, hate to say it yet again, but Haddie REALLY looks like you in that picture!!)

Did you ask about a haircut?

whitey said...

I think I would have to get permission to let that cat out of the bag so to speak.

Sioux said...

Wasn't he a HUNK?! And I have to agree with Kacy - that Haddie is a clone of you! This is a wonderful entry.


Love that picture of Tom. I actually am in the middle of working on a picture of my own with this exact pic. Weird.


Anonymous said...

I want to hear the "Fighting Fry's" story too....I am surprised my dad was not in on that! Of course, he probably never went to the Terrace Ballroom!

vickers said...

Oh, I have heard that story from Dad and Mom. It's a doozy....just ask Grandpa Awesome. He will enjoy recounting it to you.

My fav memories are of Uncle Tom and Aunt Margie playing "Oh Hell" with us. Man, he was ruthless at games! Love them both.

~T. said...

Hi Whitey, good to have another great blog to read!
Spencer's Western Cafe is up close to Ricketts Glenn state park in Pennsylvania. I believe it may actually be in a town called Kyttle, if I'm not mistaken? It is hard to tell where one town ends and the next begins sometimes. It's right on the main road 118.
Really big place inside, with a handmade wrap-around bar. Service was great, beer was ice cold and hot wings were only 40 cents, yummy!

Wendy said...

Very nice entry and so appropriate at this time... Can you imagine the reunion going on right now?

Briggs: Party of Six said...

I could sit and listen to stories of Uncle Tommy all day. He was quite a character and has left a great impression on so many!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

This confused me for a minute...I couldn't remember making that comment, but Ill say it again!

He was a stud. And hey, have to admit it...I would have loved to gone out on the town with the crazy couple!! Back in the day, I guess. Thinking of Leann and Family.

FRYBABY said...

I am STILL waiting to hear the Terrace Ballroom story! I am really enjoying the pictures that you have posted! Uncle Tommy sure had a way to make everyone laugh! Even at your mom's birthday party he was poking me with his cane and making me laugh:) We will all miss him!

Cindy B said...

What beautiful family memories you have shared...Uncle Tommy was quite the guy! Cindy

Vickers said...

Love you Uncle Tom. You and my dad were pretty much clones of each other....NEVER a dull moment.