Sunday, April 5, 2009

*office make over* sneak peek

Been slowly but surely making over this room , took a while to find the barn wood, Kyle found a barn for me that was in the way of a road expansion so Dennis and I and Kyle went and tore some of the wood off , it has been sitting here at the house and I finally go off my duff and sanded the dirty stuff off the backside( like bird droppings , mold ) then sealed both sides. Started to install some yesterday but I need to go get a new box for electrical so we can finish up. Trying to figure out what type of office furniture to get, we tore off two stable doors I was thinking one of those might make a unique desk top but will wait until all the wood is done before I make that decision. Will use the barn wood for trim work also, then I have one idea for the closet door in my head that I will need to see if it works out. So until then this is all I got to show for now.

Went from white to a gray -green then I put up fir strips painted the same color of the wall to help conceal the natural gap that occurs in the old barn wood(my choice to do it this way) I did not want to have thousands of nail holes to deal with if for some reason the barn wood did not work out. I am still thinking of adding an industrial look to the wood by adding steel bolts to the ends but that is another wait and see.

The bottom picture is the flooring that was laid.


KickButtMommy said...

You are AMAZING! I love it.

Briggs: Party of Six said...

This looks like the barn on the ranch. It is way cute, I love it!

Nettie said...

I like it! Good Job Sister!

Kare Bear said...

I love it so far!!! It looks awesome. Seeing that makes me wanna get my barn door headboard done.