Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Death & Taxes

It's the two things in life you can count on and for the last two years April 15th marks the anniversary day of my Dad's death, two years have gone by. I am sitting here tonight with the window open the sun has gone down but I can hear the birds chirping like crazy as if they are trying to convince me that spring is really here.

a season of growth
to move forward

to begin or go on
after an interruption

to pick up

becoming alive


an image
or impression
of one
that is

I think Dad is about 27-28 years old in this picture, four of us and a dog, and look he still has something to smile about.

On the night I was born, Udell one of Dads friend, took him out to party. When they got home (a wee bit intoxicated) Udell basically had to put Dad to bed. But hidden out of sight was on old heating pad that had been left on, Dad slept for quite awhile on top of the old heating pad since he was in such a self induced sleep, he did not noticed the burn he was receiving on his backside. It burnt a core hole very deep. To say the least it took years to finally heal, and the scar was proof that I became known as the pain in his butt!


Sioux said...

Beautiful words and funny thoughts about your birth night-I guess you come by that name rightly! Death and Taxes is also appropo.....

We're thinking about all of your families and cherishing the memories that we had with your Dad.

Love ya...

Vickers said...

Your dad always had a smile whenever I saw him. He was a most beloved uncle.

Love the story about the 'pain-in-the-butt' as far as it includes you. Bet he didn't enjoy the moment that much though.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

He is such a stud in this picture, with Cali, Ashley, Dezi and Hadley! Love you Mom, thinking of you Always.

tiffany said...

Love the pictures and the stories, your sense of family is always evident :o)

Cindy B said...

I think we both are thinking of our folks a lot...I also posted a picture of my dad in later years..on my blog a couple weeks ago...he loved spring and summer, gardening and such as your own dad did. my mom also...when my flowers pop up every year this time i look them over and say " thanks mom and dad! "( they gave me all my perenials I so enjoy today!) We are definilty kindred spirits!

Deanie's space said...

It is so good to be back and able to read all the blogs. I really missed getting to read and keep up with all the blogs. I had withdrawal from not getting to be on the computer everyday. It was a wonderful trip though.Blessings, Deanie

FRYBABY said...

A pain in the butt is definitely better than no butt at all! Does that make any sense at all? I am sure he was very thankful to have you!! As you were to have him:)