Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Red Tin Heart

Catching your smile. . .
"I'll catch your smile on some one's face
Your whisper in the wind's embrace
Through diamond stars and songs and dreams
I find your love in everything
The sun, the sky, the rolling sea
All conspire to comfort me
From sorrow's edge life's beauty seems
To find your love in everything
I've come to trust the hope it brings
To find your love in everything
Even as I fall apart,
Even through my shattered heart
I'll catch your smile on some one's face.....amazing grace."
~Beth Nielsen Chapman

To my friend at Red Tin Heart, I started to read her way over a year ago when her name was put in to a prayer circle, due to her husbands accident when he had fallen and had broken his neck just like my Dad's. Where Dad passed quickly her John hung on and was even in rehab trying to rebuild his strength so I became interested in her stories she is amazing woman who has struggled thru some extreme hard times during this past year. John did not make it it has been a year for her today, I feel she could use some good thoughts and prayers sent her way, so if you have words of encouragement for her please send some her way.


Vickers said...

To lose someone you love dearly is life's toughest trial but to lose your life's love, your life companion, your heart's desire is beyond enduring. May your years get lighter from now on.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful poem !
Always remember that he is still by your side, he is only a thought away