Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a Roller Coaster Ride

Hadley got to enjoy about an hour and a half of being home when the hospital called and told Kacy she had to bring Hadley back , her blood work showed a contamination and she needed to do repeat blood work. Well first IV did not work, second one failed , third worked almost just enough to get blood drawn for the tests so they put a call into the IV team to come and put one in because they were going to put her on an IV antibiotic to protect her just in case she did have something wrong but instead of traumatizing her again with another IV they told Kacy she could just have the medication in a shot which sounded good to all of us until the test are done which will be a 24 hour culture to see what grows. So we spent about 6 hours in the ER room again. They have let her go back home because she seemed to be doing okay but she needs more blood work done tomorrow. Hopefully there will be nothing wrong , and this sweet little girl can get feeling better. And Kacy can get some rest to.


Cindy B said...

awwww shoot....those rocephin shots hurt too! Warm wash cloths to her thighs will help the absorption and take those sore "lumps" away. I pray the blood culture will be negative .

vickers said...

Little Hadley Jo looks so much like you Whitey, that I could tell she is your grandchild (if not your own child) a thousand miles away. Such a beautiful little girl. Glad to hear that your medical team is being so thorough with her. Little kids pick up the craziest germs.

FRYBABY said...

I need to keep up with these blogs! I did not know that Hadley was sick.....sorry to hear that! Hope she gets well soon!