Sunday, January 4, 2009

Elmo Live

What girl would not want a guy like this in her life he is simply irresistible! He is a charmer he makes you laugh, he can give big hugs and when he falls over he even asks for help back up and tells you thank you and that he loves you! What a guy Elmo !
I bought Elmo just in case I was not able to find the mini tramp for Hadley for Christmas . So I was very happy to have him on hand to take him to the hospital for a great distraction for her. Not only was she amazed by him he kept the nurses giggling also. In case you wonder what she is doing here in the video she likes him to kiss her belly, then the she tries to get him to open his mouth to say AAAHHHH, like she had to do with all the Doctors looking down her throat, she is very quick to learn maybe a young doctor in training !


vickers said...

Hadley Jo must be quickly becoming the favorite of the nursing staff. She is so irresistible. Hope the news is good.

Kare Bear said...

That is so cute! She looks so much better then when I saw her.

FRYBABY said...

What a doll she is!! And Elmo is quite cute too! Love the action shots.....what would we do without technology?