Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cross-stitch Memories

This is the house that I cross stitched
for my Mom it is the house that her
mother grew up in a beautiful
town called Morgan . The bottom left
front windows is where the parlor room was, children were not allowed in there. But I do remember when my Great-grandparents died they had the viewings at home and it was in the parlor room where they were placed. The two times we were allowed in the parlor. There was a interesting story about my great grandfather Daniel that we heard a lot when we were young. My great-grandfather was not expected to live at one point , as a young boy he was out doing chores when a pitch fork pierced him through the chest , when the doctor arrived to take care of him he told the parents that he was not going to live and were told to write up his obituary to be placed in the town paper the next day only to their surprise he got up out of the bed the next morning and went to school! (any how that is how I remember it)

This is a Paula Vaughn pattern that I made for my Mom. This designer has a real nostalgic look to her patterns that I love, I have done a few of hers. Grandmother Hattie was a real seamstress and a recycler when it came to clothes, adult coats were recycled to make smaller coats for her children, she could take men's trouser pants and turn them into skirts. Mom remembers all the sewing her mother would do to help earn money. And when I seen this pattern it so reminded me of her and all the things she had done.


vickers said...

Beautiful cross-stitching. I remember Grandma and the beautiful coat and clothes that she made for me. Good ole Doug, my brother, also received an awesome (and I mean AWESOME) coat which she made. He was quite the little stud strutting around in that coat. We both felt quite special and well-loved with her loving attention.

Briggs: Party of Six said...

How many hours do you have into these? I so wish I had talent! I remember you sitting us down with the little cards and the yarn and letting us "Stitch"! I think that is as far as my talent went!