Saturday, March 19, 2016

How I spent my summer vacation 2015

This first picture was taken well into all the indoor renovations
 since then we have gone through some transformations out back.
 Gone is the fish  pond, 
the wolf compound with its six foot chain link fence
 with 3 rows security  barbwire on top, 
the wolf den itself which housed the wolves. 
The over growth has been trimmed back exposing a nice big back yard.
Once again we had help  from the kids and a couple of grandsons that pitched in.
Down below are some links that can take you back to the before pictures 

 the oar that belonged to my dad
 you better come to dinner bell

Many days and night we have enjoyed sitting out here with many more to come!


Yvonne said...

I just LOVE your house Clydene! You turned it into a warm and wolcoming home! That porch look so inviting to sit down with a quilt on your lap! I hope there will be many, many evenings for you sitting there and enjoying it!

Veronica Lee said...

I am loving that oar and dinner bell. Such lovely touches! Here's to many days and nights of enjoyment of your lovely home!

Gayle said...

Didn't realize there used to be a wolf den at your place - interesting! You've done SO much work on your place - I love that you let your imagination run wild with it!