Thursday, April 11, 2013

Humphrey, Idaho

 Humphrey is an unincorporated community in
 Clark County, Idaho, United States.
Humphrey is located along Interstate 15 near
the Monida Pass. It is 9.1 miles north-northwest of Spencer
Union Pacific once had an icemaking plant at Humphrey, Idaho, which is now a ghost town.
Monida, Montana, which is near the top of the
pass, is also almost a ghost town.
Only seven people now living Monida.
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 Times like this I wish I was brave enough to  hop the fence for a closer look.

 While editing this  photo I thought I had a UFO up in the arch but with closer inspection it appears to be debris hanging  from the rafters.

Storm moving in.


Teri said...

Gorgeous! Would be a great place to fix up but beautiful As Is as well!

GrandmaNutt said...

That looks like the relic of a once gorgeous, modern home. How sad. Are those woodpecker holes in the wall or target practice?

Yvonne said...

Just got some time to read your last two blogs. Sorry about your former brother-in-law. Beautiful posts and pictures. Sorry there wasn't any time to meet this last two days we have been in the Provo area. Hopefully next time!

Janie said...

What a beautiful photo of the storm coming int.
It's always sad to see an abandoned building and especially an abandoned town, but either one inspires intrigue, too. I wonder what was there and why it's gone. The old building looks fascinating. I'd be tempted to jump the fence, too.

Margaret Torres said...

This is an old school that closed down in about 1950

Sweetseaira said...

Just drove by this neat place. Iwish I could hear/find the story on the history... If only the walls could talk...