Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farmington Bay Bird Refuge

These picture were taken over a course of many days
some days were filled with the warmth of the sun
 others were cold and foggy.
The eagle watch has begun.
 There are eagle paparazzi are all over the place .
And are quite intimidating to me with their huge cameras.

First time I have ever seen an owl at the bay, plus the first time I have
 ever seen this type of Barn owl.
 He was hard to capture and a little out of  my range to really get a  great shot.
 His coloring and markings were beautiful

The pheasants were  busy eating  what they could off these prickly little twigs.


Blue Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Lunch break and so much to chose from!

And another first for me!
 On the way  home from the bay I came across
 this man out for a ride, it made me smile.


Gayle said...

Great pictures Clydene - I'd like to go out and see the eagles sometime, but I never remember when they're there - maybe we'll make it this weekend.......

GrandmaNutt said...

Sooo....tell me again. Your coffee table books are coming out when?

Yvonne said...

Is that you on the bike? It looks like a Dutch picture. The bird pictures are beautiful. That owl....amazing!