Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

As I sit here in my warm home and look back at this
humble little cabin and think about my ancestors
  and how they would of lived back then.
The struggles they would have to overcome
just to survive a winter.
I wonder how many people would survive
under these conditions.
With the east coast still trying to get roofs over their heads,
I know I am very thankful to have what I have today.


Veronica Lee said...

Have a terrific Thanksgiving, Whitey!

Donna said...

We have many blessings! Have a wonderful holiday, sweetie!

Gayle said...

Happy birthday to you too!

There is a driftwood horse just like the one in your picture in the lobby of the new administration building in Farmington.

Yvonne said...

So true. We have so much we take for granted. We don't have or celebrate something like thanksgiving but I think it is a good holiday to stand still and count our blessings.

Nettie said...

It was a great day of being thankful! Good time!