Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pybus Point Lodge, Alaska

It is hard to believe that a month has already passed since our trip to Alaska. Dennis and I and his parents Art and Lee decided we would all go up to Pybus Point Lodge.  We came home with six boxes of fish and an added bonus, I had developed two blood clots in my leg.  So sitting at the computer and developing my pictures has been a slow process since sitting has not been easy to do. The lodge is run by Scott and Jody Jorgensen.  It sits off the shoreline on Admiralty Island. It is a very beautiful in a isolated location with your very own little rustic cabin to sleep in.

The main lodge serves you your meals family style. Dan the head chef took extra care in my meals knowing that I am gluten free. He went out of his way to make things that I could eat.

Al was the captain of our boat and took very good care of us. Traveling well over 100 miles a day, taking us where the fishing was great.  The only time I was concerned is the day the fog rolled in what an eerie feeling being out on the water and not being able to see.

I missed out on our last day of fishing, I stayed in the cabin with my leg elevated taking baby aspirins and Lee stayed with me keeping me company.

The Pybus Point Lodge was a great place to stay and get away from it all.
Here is the link if you are interested in checking out the  lodge.
 Here we are at the runway waiting to load up and head out for the island.

View of the Pybus Point Lodge right before we landed.

Art catches the first Link Cod then released it back into the water .
The teeth in this fish are scary!
 My first halibut of the day.
Dennis reels in his halibut. 

After observing the sea lions  Dennis's mother said " This must be what Hell is like. Everyone wailing,  fighting,  pushing and shoving for their  place on the rock.

Not bad for one day of fishing

Another Link Cod  that was too small, captured and released.

 Reeling in the biggest sea weed.
Yelloweye rockfish.

 Last day of fishing.

As the fog rolled in.
This large halibut was caught by a lady and with the help of others was able to bring it in. It took about an hour to do it.  It weighed in about 240 pounds.

We had some time in between flights to see the town of Juneau, we all jumped into a taxi cab the driver took us  around to see some local attractions. 


Mendenhall Glacier  stretches over  12 miles from Juneau to Mendenhall Lake.

Russian Orthodox Church built in 1894.



Donna said...

It looks like you had a great trip! Wow, the teeth on that fish ARE scary! Alaska is such a magical place, isn't it? Even more so when you spend a lot of time on the water!

Teri said...

Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! Alaska is not on my bucket list (I'm a warm weather gal) but the scenery looks incredible! Hope you're feeling better.

GrandmaNutt said...

Been there, done that with all the blood clots in the legs. That's pretty serious stuff.

And how come fish can be so hideous looking?! Glad you had a gorgeous time.

Gayle said...

Clydene - Did you enjoy this trip more than the last time you went to Alaska? Or was it just as good? Beautiful pictures - I would NOT have enjoyed the fishing - catching OR eating! LOL Glad you got to go...

shana said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so gald to see what Alaska is like. Gorgeous. Amazing fish catching too. Very impressive!

Veronica Lee said...

WOW!!!! The photos are astounding! Love the fish ones!

Thank you for letting me visit Alaska through your eyes!

Have a nice day, Whitey!