Friday, April 20, 2012

Cancer-any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively;

I do not think there is any one that I know who has not been touched by cancer either by having it, losing someone to it or battling it right now.
  Both my Grandmothers battled it one losing her life at a very  young age.
My son-in-law Brent's mother Cheryl, is fighting this battle right now .
It is a very different type it is called

She is a daughter, a wife , mother and grandmother to two beautiful little girls that I also have the pleasure of being the grandmother to Hadley and Wesley.
They have been wearing pink streaks in their hair along with the rest of the family.
 Many people believe in the power of prayer
for those who do,  could you include Cheryl in those.


Shay her husband has been her sidekick rarely leaving her side ...true devotion.
Kacy says "Hardest haircut I have ever had to give with the best client-with Cheryl"
And I could only guess with the most love and care.

Lord, I pray You would make whole anything in my child's life that is broken.
  Bring restoration of all that has been lost.
  Restore lost time, lost opportunities, lost health, lost relationships, or whatever else that has been taken from them.
Bring the transformation needed so that they receive the wholeness You have for them.
  Once they have been set free, help them to stay free.
  Keep them from becoming entangled again. I say to You, Lord,
"Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and Your glory above all the earth;
that Your beloved may be delivered"(Psalm 108:5-6).
In Jesus' name I pray.


Vickers said...

I know your pain. Here's wishing everything turns out well. Bless the little girls for wearing pink for their grandma.

Kare Bear said...

We have been praying for her over here... I do not wish this on anyone and its awful to have such a kind sweet Cheryl go through this! Sometimes I wish I could take on peoples pain and sorrows and relieve the burden from them :( We love her and wish her a fast recovery... This is such a sweet post Clydene!

Grammie-great of a Clan said...

You know my hearts desire for all of you. I really thought Cheryl was going to sail right through this without any problems at all. It is my prayer that she will recover so that her sweet granddaughters, Hadley and Wesley, might continue to have their association with her be unchanged. Haddie is aware of how blessed she is to have so many Grandmothers and she is not ready to loose even one. So we continue to pray for her and keep her name in the temple. And we pray for her family as well.

shana said...

So sad. I have a good friend going through this right now. She's actually in her home receiving hospice care. So sad. Thanks for such a tender post.