Tuesday, March 27, 2012

White Rock Springs - Back In The Saddle Again

Loaded up the horses and took a little adventure out
to the west deserts of Utah.
We were in hope of coming across the

But just like any hunt you take the chance of not seeing anything. Well I can't not say we did not see anything thing there was beautiful landscape, rock formations and you can always find a gnarly tree or sagebrush. It was really a another great day to be out, a little on the windy side. So when I said " lets get to the top of that ridge to see what's on the other side" Dennis warned me it would be extremely windy but my curiosity got the better of me so up we went. The gusts were so strong that it was forcing cold air through my nostrils and out my mouth it was a very weird feeling. I would imagine someone who parachutes would experience it. So instead of back tracking we opted for the quickest way down which was a more on the steep side traversing back and forth till we reached the bottom. Though not successful in finding the horses this time I am hoping for better luck next time and if not just sit back and enjoy the ride.

We did find some signs of spring when we came up on some new calves they sat there patiently letting me take their picture.

Then *SHE* showed up. Always remember the rules about taking pictures of children if under the age of 18 get permission first! You can see by the look on her face she was not happy with me.


Donna said...

Such gorgeous rock formations! I especially love your 5th picture. I can't imagine riding through such countryside and soaking it all in! LOL, and the little calves are cute!

missing moments said...

Some awesome scenery here! Like the effects you use. That mama's face is spot on!

Kare Bear said...


Veronica Lee said...

WOW!!! Stunning photography, Whitey!!