Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a liTTle bit oF tHis a LiTTle BiT Of ThAt

I am always amazed at how you can go almost any where in the world and find women (and some men ) who love quilts. The love for quilting is universal. I have been following a blog for over a year now called Stitch and Travel that is written by Yvonne. She is from the Netherlands and loves to travel in the United States. She belongs to a quilt group in back in her country and the quilts this little group can put out is amazing. We were finally able to meet on her last trip. My friend Gayle from the blog the Middle Sister came along with me up to Park City so we could meet Yvonne and her husband Alex. It was really nice to finally see each other in person. Thanks for letting me take up a little bit of your vacation.

And I would like to welcome my cousin Teri and her husband to the blogging world they are off on a new adventure. So if you can pop over to see her at Midlife Adventures. She is under the *Fry* section.

It was so pretty up in Park City the day we meet Yvonne that I went back up bringing my Mom and her sister Sue along for the ride. Really these pictures do not convey the beauty that we seen with our own eyes the colors were remarkable


Yvonne said...

We are really looking back at a great vacation in your country. It was fun that we could finally meet in person it was one of those special things that made our trip complete!
And those colors....we have seen them now with our own eyes and a picture is beautiful but it was amazing to see it for real. Alex was getting tired of me telling him how wonderful I thougth the colored trees where.

Vickers said...

Autumn in the Rockies is a fabulous experience whether you are in the Rockies or down in the valleys looking up at them. God's creation of beauty for the pleasure of mankind.