Sunday, December 12, 2010

Madison High School, it's Great To Be A Bobcat!

Here are the rest of pictures from Rexburg. During the dedication ceremony all the speakers talked about how pleased they were with this building and the workmanship that went into it, and that it will be enjoyed for many decades and as one the speakers put it even when he is in "Spirit prison" it will still be standing. Another well done job for the Hogan construction team. The next one to be done will be Kyle's job the new theater in Centerville many people are really excited for this one to be completed. wood shop with a nice finishing booth a nice big mechanic room and welding off to the side a beautiful stage a weight room with a wonderful view

one of my favorites that they played.

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GrandmaNutt said...

Those photos almost make me wish to go back and do high school all over again , but this time at Madison. Almost.