Tuesday, September 7, 2010

photos of the day

Looking over to Morgan I can see the cemetery and the pine tree my grandparents are buried under, the trail that leads up to the *M* on the mountain that I still have not quite made it up to.(one day)

This and some of the other pictures I posted earlier were taken up Farmington canyon. It has been along time since I have been up there, many family picnics when I was a child were up in these mountains and if the road does not scare you to death to go up it is really beautiful. While up there Dennis pointed out my Dad's rock that he would sit on for the deer hunt. From here I can see where my sister and I were with Dad on such an occasion when the horse we were riding double at the time on top of the ridge leading up to the rock when all of a sudden our saddle slipped down under the horse. I recall I went off the horse, but I think Denice managed to stay on for at least a split second. We got up dusted ourselves off and tightened up the cinch a couple of more notches and continued to hunt the rest of the time with Dad.

Looking down at Lagoon's amusement park ferris wheel.


Kare Bear said...

beautiful pics!!! but you will never get me up there again! to many people I knew died up that scary canyon :(

Yvonne said...

Beautiful! but dangerous I think after reading the comment above!