Friday, May 28, 2010

my little butter cup

I went to the property the other day to get my sunflowers planted as I was digging the trench to place the seeds I noticed this little plant growing out of the fence it always amazes me how something can grow even in the worst conditions. Well in most cases I have planted stuff that does not come up but keeping my fingers crossed the year, I planted Morning Glory along with the sunflower seeds so they will climb up the stock of the sunflower it is really pretty when it works out. Then I could see something bright yellow on the other side of the creek the Butter Cups had finally bloomed. I love this little flower I have been telling Hadley about them so I picked a small bunch and brought them home for her to see.


Nettie said...

Whitey,....I love these pictures! All of them!

Yvonne said...

All your pictures are so awsome again! How do you do that?!

FRYBABY said...

I lOVE the Three Amigos!! And YOUR little buttercup is a doll!