Monday, April 19, 2010

April 15, 2010


What a great day it was to go to the cemetery to decorate Dad's grave. Kacy, Hadley and Wesley Ann came with a home made flower bouquet. Hadley has a hard time understanding where my Dad is when Kacy told her he was in heaven she replied with what she heard and now calls my Dad "Grandpa Kevin" or grandpa in heaven. As I was getting the metal vase up to put flowers in Hadley was watching me so I started talking to my Dad with a bewildered look on her face she asked me who I was talking to, I told her my Dad. When I tried to explain to her that he was buried there she said "No he will be here in a minute he will come down that road" and she pointed the way. It was simply sweet! Kyle showed up with a token also, every guys needs some fishing bait on the other side. Wesley had fun with the plastic wrap listening to it crackle as she scrunched it up. We had some extra visitors that came hopping by also.


Vickers said...

That day will always be a sacred day for your family.

Kare Bear said...

I just laughed when Kyle told me he took "big fish corn yella" bait to grandpa. That's what Payton and Clyde called it when they fished. Pay still remembers the times they had with him fishing :)

"Jo" in many sizes said...

I've never seen that video, it was very emotional!

I love the picture you did of the tree. Haddie still doesn't understand, but her innnocence is so sweet!