Saturday, November 28, 2009

3 mUskEtEeRs

I need to give credit when credit is due. I neglected to post my sister's Janette's poem that she wrote for me though she never sent me a copy but now that I have one I will post this little tribute she honored me with. For some reason my memory is not that same as hers( I was a really sweet little girl.)
A Happy Birthday to my Sister!
When she was young, what a blister!
She would pretend she was Maye West,
To "come up & see me sometime" was her request!
With her white hair she was called "Whitey",
Although she doesn't know her lefty from her righty!
She likes to have things "Her" way,
In most cases she can't be swayed.
She is the baby of the "Spencer" clan,
Her three sisters and Mom are her favorite fans!
From that white haired little girl she grew and grew,
To a beautiful, talented women thru' and thru'!
We love you Sister with all of our hearts,
You have such an array of all your arts.
But the best of all "those" you have created,
Is the love and devotion to all those related.
Not only your husband and children galore,
But all of "Us" others we know you adore!
Here we are in all our cuteness, my cousin Leanne, my sister Denice and me with the poddle-do. Really what harm could I do?


Sioux said...

You three really were 3 of the cutest lil' IMPS!! And even tho, I was ready to pull my hair out and choke all of you after you'd been at the house for an afternoon - I LOVE all of you.

Cindy B said...

awesome!! you have a fun sister as well!!

Nettie said...

Love this picture of the three of you!

Vickers said...

'Blsiter of a sister', perfect description and one which matches my memories of my cute little cousin. Better to be the pistol than the cousin no one remembers. Love you Whitey, then and NOW.