Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life goes on...

Along with the new additions to our family came three new quilts. 
 It's been awhile since I have sewed this much.
The first to  come  was Monroe Ila.
 It took a little bit more work to get this one here.
 And is muched loved by her big sisters.

Fast forward five months

I let my Kacy pick out the material for Monroe's quilt.
This is  the first quilt that I have made that had that many different fabrics
 and color combinations but it came out  cute.
 The quilting is a random daisy pattern.

This is the back of the quilt.

This little quilt was a surprise
. I have some of Dennis's grandmother's quilt fabrics so I thought
 I would surprise  Kacy  with this one.
 The little bumblebee  material belonged to Afton.

This is the quilt label on the back of the quilt.
 This picture was taken at Clifford and Afton's 50th wedding anniversary party. 
Aftons quilts are in the background of the picture.
 I thought it  only appropriate that they should be on this quilt.

This was our second big addition to the family and a first for us.
 It was very exciting to have been part of it.
Since moving to this new place we have got acquainted with our  new neighbors Tina and Judy .
They own  and operate Three Roses Ranch.
With their help and knowledge we were able to receive our first  foal. 
 I never thought when I moved here I would be learning how mares get ultrasounds to see when 
 they ovulate or  watch artificial insemination.
 And in Rose's case  it took a few tries.
So here she is Miss Daisy May Rose!
Daisy is for my moms favorite flower,
May the month in which both our parents were married in
 and Rose after her mother.

 As a thank you gift for all that  they have done for us I decided to make them a quilt.
.And has you  know life is better in the barn.   So that is what I decided  to make their quilt as.
 I had Dennis  make a  big photocopy of their barn and I cut it apart to  make the  pattern . 
The material I found was perfect for this quilt.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Utah Wild Horses Part Two

I was finally able to get back out to the desert to practise with  the new  lens I got for Christmas what a difference it has made.