Thursday, July 30, 2009


Bound By Her Hands

My grandmother quilted a patchwork of stars

That wraps over my shoulders

and crosses my heart

Covers this aching and catches the tears

that my grandmother would if she could be here.

I am wrapped in a blanket that she made for me

so I'd feel her near me when she could not be

A kaleidoscope comfort of memories I have

in a life time of loving bound by her hand.

They say you can't take it with you

that must depend

On what you would carry when this journey ends

She has forever a part of my life

the no stone could bury

or time could deny.

This is part of a song that my sister- in -law Teresa wrote for her grandmother Afton's funeral, her two sisters Connie and Janice accompanied her in this wonderful tribute.

The next three pictures are Afton's quilts that we had on display at Kacy's wedding. What a memorable moment to see at least three of them together. She made all of her grandchildren a quilt which should be 21 plus her own children that have one of her quilts . How great it would be to get all of her quilts documented some how.

What to do with old quilts when they are worn and torn and no longer can be used never throw away a quilt recycle!

This was on old quilt that I found in my Grandma's Spencer's house. It was pretty tattered and torn, I went and got a straw wreath and cut 2" strips off the quilt and wrapped the wreath then I made up yo-yo's out of vintage fabrics added antique buttons and some store bought doilies.

This one belonged to Afton in the top right hand corner you can see where the material has completely has worn away exposing the batting it is funny how some fabrics wear better than others.

This is a hexagon piece that I picked up and framed.

This is a shelf sitter doll that my friend Gayle made look how fun her little dress is made from an old quilt.

I was fascinated by Afton's hands, old and worn, many years of love showed in them, wringing her hands with worry, eating her string cheese that she loved, baking her famous chocolate cake and sewing her quilts. She had to be the sweetest woman around. One day while I was visiting her she let me trace her hand then later after she had passed I made her hand up in one of her old quilts it now holds a heart that my daughter Kacy made out of one of Afton's old bedspreads, she has also made some pillows for cousins that recently had new babies and has made her self a little blanket for her new little girl that will be joining us soon! Think before you throw out old quilts or bedspreads someone made it with love so share it with others.
I can see Grandma Afton smiling now, to see how her memory lives on in her great-great grandchildren.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday HI-LITES

We celebrated two birthdays this week my granddaughter McKaela turned 13!! And Paige turned 4.

Paige had spent the night with me a week or so ago and along with her came her baby quilt I made for her at the time of her birth, she has lovingly used her quilt (really it looked like her and Sadie the wonder dog had used it in a tug-a-war contest) So with her birthday approaching I decided to make her a replacement. It was a quilt has you go quilt so I could get it done fast.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pUcKeR Up!

Noah has been learning to give big kisses!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Finally got these ready to send off just need to trim up some loose strings that seem to be taking forever. When I finished these blocks they were so big that I decided to see if I could make two quilts out of them. By adding sashing and corner blocks and borders Hadley and her new little sister will have matching quilts to "snuggle with" has Hadley would say. The orange border quilt will go to new baby and purple for Hadley. I will post the after pictures when they are done being quilted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No News

At this point in time I have NOTHING to write about but if you want to go on a fun home tour go check out this BLOG. I love the grandchildren's stepping stones lots of great things to look at.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Dear Friend

My friend for many years has hopped on the blog wagon go check her out her talents are many some I tend to copy a lot her name is Gayle.